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Hire Purchase


What is Hire Purchase (HP)
Hire purchase (HP) is a scheme through which a customer can pay the price of a product in regular installment while enjoying the use of the product. In this process, ownership of the product doesn’t transfer to the buyer until the final payment is made.

Why should I buy Singer products through HP
Singer offers a wide variety of installment payment options through General Budget Book* so that customers have the full freedom to choose -

  • Finance/Loan amount: How much amount to be taken as loan.
  • Length of contact: For how many months installment would continue.
  • Size of Installments: Value of installment per month.

Besides, customers can enjoy the 0%, interest free HP facility any time throughout the year as per management guidelines.

How can I purchase Singer products through Hire Purchase
For HP, customers have to pay initially a specific amount as down payment. The rest amount can be paid in regular monthly installments. Monthly installment is determined by using the General Budget Book.
Requirements for creating a HP account:

  • Photocopy of NID
  • 2 Copy PP size photo
  • 2 payment guarantors
  • 1 duly filled HP proposal form (available at Singer Shops)
  • 1 duly filled HP agreement (available at Singer Shops)
  • Verification

* Conditions apply.

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